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Brand Activation Community

  • Production






    Event Producers supervise and coordinate all aspects of an event, such as a graduation, concert or large party, from conception to execution. This can include developing concepts and ideas for the event, overseeing operations, directing staff and coordinating technical and production aspects.



    Executive Producer
    Sr. Producer
    Associate Producer
    Production Manager
    Venue Coordinator


    Production Assistant
    Production Coordinator
    Production Accountant
    Stage Manager
    Technical Director
    Security Manager



    Tour Manager
    Choreography Director
    Sound Designer
    Lighting Designer
    Talent Coordinator
    Brand Ambassador 




  • Creative






    Creative is where events are conceived, developed, and designed. Artists, writers, animators and renderers all work together to craft an event that reaches a specific target audience.



    Executive Creative Director
    Creative Director
    Sr. Art Director
    Art Director
    Sr. Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designer


    Environmental Designer
    Scenic Designer
    Set Designer
    CAD Designer



    2D Animator
    3D Animator




  • Logistics






    The logistics area supervises and coordinates the strategic, operational and logistical activities necessary for the production of an event. This includes specialized skills that encompass a myriad of areas ranging from meeting planning to registration, housing and travel.



    Sr. Meeting Planner
    Meeting Planner
    Assistant Meeting Planner



    Registration Design/Build
    Registration Manager
    Housing Manager


    Travel Manager
    Transport Manager
    Food & Beverage Manager





  • Account Services



    Account Services

    The account services function is the day-to-day support of a particular client. It serves as the primary point of contact for the client. Account Services provides client support and strategy, planning and optimization as well as developing a relationship with the client.



    Account Executive



    Project Manager








  • Marketing Services



    Marketing Services

    Marketing Services is the hub for all service personnel supporting a variety of event related functions. Specialized skills range from strategic development working hand-in-hand with the creative to trafficking of production and event elements to supply and materials purchasing.




    Traffic Manager



    Creative Services Manager

    Procurement Specialist



    Studio Manager





  • Digital Services




    Digital Services

    Digital services encompass the creative, strategic and technical development of screen-based products and services. Important mediums now include mobile, social networks, digital signage, kiosks, applications, software, video, podcasts, etc. Skill sets range from implementation strategy to design and production.




    Creative Technologist
    Project Manager
    IA Designer




    Sr. Producer

    UI Designer



    Q&A Manager


    UX Designer




  • Learning & Performance





    Learning & Performance

    Learning and Performance improves performance and engages audiences by designing best learning solutions. Skills range from design and development of content through facilitation of training.




    Training Producer


    Content Manager







  • Public Relations





    Public Relations

    Public relations specialists establish and maintain relationships with key target audiences, the media, relevant trade media, and other opinion leaders. Common responsibilities include designing communications campaigns, writing news releases and other content for news, working with the press, arranging interviews for company spokespeople as well as preparing clients for press conferences and media interviews.    




    Social Media Specialist
    Social Media Manager


    Media Director
    Social Media Strategist



    Media Relations Manager
    Content Strategist


  • Video Production





    Video Production

    Video production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video product. This can include production of television, programs, television commercials, corporate videos and event videos.






    Script Writer



    Sr. Editor
    Video Producer